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Ello, Talenthouse and Zooppa merge forging a giant creative agency

Ello, Talenthouse and Zooppa are set to merge with 5 million members spread across 200 countries.

Henceforth known as TLNT Holdings, the new grouping encompasses video, photography, graphic design, art, fashion and music production, all contained within a common ecosystem where brands and communities can work together on content creation.

On the merger, Clare McKeeve, CEO, TLNT Holdings, commented: “We are so delighted to bring these brands under the same roof, with a shared purpose to nurture an amazing creative community that drives wider change on both cultural and social levels.”

Building on the specific strengths of its constituent parts TLNT will combine the expertise of Talenthouse and Zooppa as collaboration platforms with Ello’s specialism as a community-focused shop window for creatives.

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By John Glenday-03 December 2019 09:18am in The DRUM

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